I’ve been very humbled to receive several kind comments about the last few Dead End Podcasts. The comments have been about content but also the audio quality of these shows with some not realising that the hosts are not in the same room when recording.

I want to write a series of articles about how we make the shows and present them on the internet for our listeners, but I want to do this when I’ve added some more features to the website, namely a blog. However saying that, I thought I would briefly explain what’s happening here.

Firstly, we use Skype to talk to each other as we live a good distance away. We all use different microphones and we use differing platforms and recording software. So we sync up and record our own personal recording of what we say and the other guys send me their files. I load them all into GarageBand so I end with three tracks with a host on each. I add another track for the music. The good thing about this technique is that I can control the audio of each person and I can edit out coughs, sneezes etc.

Once I’ve edited the show and saved it(!) I turn to quality. For each person, I run a compressor, vocal enhancer and EQ. I’ve started tweaking the EQ for each show which helps remove hiss and hum making for a far better recording. Over the top of this, the mastering has a slight reverb as recommended by my friend Will Green.

The finished piece is then encoded and had the metadata added before being uploaded. The result is what you hear.

Please leave any thoughts

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