The SEED Film from Simon Munn on Vimeo.

A project called SEED was set up in Worcester to raise awareness of sustainable development and the young people involved wanted to make a film to summarise the project and to illustrate their key findings. To give the film a more global perspective, some of them travelled to India to a college called SCAD. Social Change and Development (SCAD) supports a wide range of education, health and community projects and promote sound environmental and sustainable practices in the southern Tamil Nadu. The group collected interviews, ‘life’ footage and personal stories and this film is a result of that.

My involvement with the project started with me delivering a small workshop on documentary film making. We discussed interviewing techniques, using a camera, angles, lighting, sound and the process. After they got back, I did a session on storyboarding and editing on paper and then worked on the final editing with Mikey, one of the members of the group. The film was presented one evening to celebrate the project and has been used since at various other events. I’m proud of their achievements – they had taken a vast amount of video and photos and each edited shot was a discussion. A lot of work went into the film and they should be really happy with the results.

Incidentally, I’ve started using Vimeo as a place to upload my videos so I’ll be adding more films in the future, particularly all my voluntary works.

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