For the majority of my blogging, I have been using Blogger for the last 6 months or so. The main reason for this is because I’ve been enjoying the use of Google+ as my preferred social network. I have also been using Google Apps for Worcestershire Film Festival planning and I feel quite immersed in the Google ecosphere. It’s good too, reliable, has some iOS apps for mobile writing and I’m pleased with the look of the theme. My other main reason for using Blogger is the ability to generate a GeoRSS feed that allows me to plot some posts on a map and show them.

However, I’ve also used Tumblr for a long time and I flirt in and out. I’m using a simply Bootstrap based theme and it’s tidy, there’s good emphasis on content and it works well. I tend to use it for keeping a backup of my Blogger posts, but I’ve noticed that some of my posts do get reblogged and ‘liked’ by people, which is brilliant since I’ve never had any feedback on my Blogger pages.

More recently, I’ve seen some specific platforms that have taken my interest. There’s the excellent Triptease which is for travel articles. What I love about Triptease is that the (British) developers have made photography an important part of the review, which, when you think about it, makes sense – your best memories from a holiday is best told in an image rather than a lot of words. Letterboxd is a fantastic film based site where you can use it for making lists, writing reviews or just as a diary. Medium is for those big thoughts and ideas you have, longer articles that you’ve been brewing on. Finally there is which is a clever use of Evernote to create a blog. It’s early days for and it’s still in beta (actually Triptease and Medium are also in beta), but the developers are very open about it’s development and it shows great promise.

So, here’s the thing, how does all the content come together? Or does it need to? I think it does, but I’m not sure how. I am very keen to pull all my digital assets together, but finding it quite difficult to decide what to do with what. They say there is a new kind of anxiety with tech and especially web based tech, maybe this is it. I’m going to explore this further and I plan to write my findings as I go along.

Now…. where shall I post this??

Please leave any thoughts

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