Decisions, Decisions!

With the distros installed as virtual machines on my Mac mini, it was easy to test them and get a feel for them. Certainly, Mint felt the most polished and complete installation, but then I wonder if that’s just down to aesthetics rather than anything else. Mint did suffer because the PPC version didn’t seem up to date and that there had been problems with the website.
Mate was also a complete solution and kept up to date, since a new PPC initiative had been launched the year before. I actually went with Mate, until the install stopped working. More on that later, but in the end, I went with Lubuntu as it was lightweight and the community seemed to agree it was best for the age of the iBook, given that it was a G3. I knew I could always install anything else I felt was needed, maybe replace AbiWord with Libre etc.
Lubuntu has it, now for the challenge of actually installing!

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