The iBook did begin to load Lubuntu and actually got reasonably far. The splash page came up, the screen went blank and loaded a load of drivers, all seemed correct. Screen flashed back and then….


I looked into it and it seems there is a page for addressing PPC Ubuntu issues. It seems to be in agreement that the graphics chips used in some iBooks are a bit tricksy, but most of them can be worked around by changing the boot mode.

When the computer restarts, there is a command prompt to load the Live CD image and the command is simply live. However, if extra attributes are added, it can help the graphics issue not manifest.

live-nosplash-powerpc video=ofonly

I tried this, but same issue. I also added the radeon.agpmode=-1 attribute, but to no avail. Running out of options, I decided to recreate the iBook build by using the Alternative installer, which bypassed a number of options and went straight to the actual installer for Lubuntu.

A website called also had a page on editing something called the xorg.conf file, but unfortunately, you need an install to have taken place. I also looked at sudoblog to no avail.

It was about this time, that I decided this might be going nowhere. I called a friend who knows way more than me and he cemented my thoughts that actually, in this day and age, it really isn’t worth the work. Sadly, the G3 is simply not viable these days. It’s crushing to hear, but I have to admit, this mission has come to an end. It isn’t all bad though – I have learnt a great deal using Terminal and I have a far better appreciation of Linux installations. It’s actually been a good experience and this is why I wanted to record my findings in this blog.

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