How do you get a 14 year old computer to boot into an operating system installer when it’ll only boot from Firewire or CD and your optical drive doesn’t work and the only firewire you have has just failed?

You have to change the rules!

Ok, there is another answer and that’s netbooting, i.e. starting up from a network, but that’s going to be really tricky to pull off as I’m not sure if I have what I need to do it.

Did some more research and I wasn’t the only one. The one thing I love about the Linux community in general and the Ubuntu one particularly, is the massive amount of support available from forum members. Sometimes it’s a bit complicated, but sometimes you get that response that turns a light bulb on.

Despite all my training, PowerPC computers CAN boot from USB. Well, not all of them, but white G3s and onwards can. A quick Google search later, and I realised I could actually create a USB drive and boot from that. It requires single user mode and even some poking around in Open Firmware, but I was keen to try it out.

I had a trusty titanium Sandisk USB drive that I carry around with me and decided to back it up and then prepare it for a new mission.

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