After deciding that this project was at an end, I was with an iBook that that didn’t do anything. I decided the only right thing to do is reverse my work and install OS X back on there. I had to create an image of the DVD of course, because of the failed optical drive, but it went on and I had little difficulty re-imaging the machine.

TenFourFox Web browser

I came across an enthusiast website called Mac PowerPC that advocates real use for old vintage PPC hardware. I’ve used this site and discovered a browser based on Firefox called TenFourFox which roughly brings the iBook up to speed using the current web technologies. This is probably the most important thing and, along with LibreOffice, we can present a reasonably working machine back to my brother and nephew.

There are some other projects and MacRumors has a forum page for viable use for PPC architecture. The G3 is old, very old, but there’s still life there and while there is, why not get the most from it?

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