Resurrecting An iBook – the prequel

Way back in 2002, I had already become smitten with the world of Apple. Prior to this, my introduction to the ecosphere, was a second hand iMac G3 Graphite SE. I remember it well, I had been editing a lot of video on a homemade PC with Adobe Premiere and it had worked well, but I wasn’t especially happy with the speed and the quality of output. Back then, the output would be compressed as minimal as the processor would allow for smooth playback it was recorded to S-VHS cassette. I’d heard that Macs were good for dealing with video and I took a leap and got a deal on eBay.

I was immediately taken with the design, the translucent shell, built in Firewire, tidy cabling. It was still running OS 8.6 and I took it to 9.2.2, running Adobe Premiere 6.5. For quite a while I was really happy with it and even went on to acquire a Blueberry G3 laptop. I carted that laptop everywhere and enjoyed using it, even for work.

When OS X came out though, the laptop struggled a bit and I decided to upgrade. In 2002 I purchased brand new, direct from Apple, a snazzy new iBook G3. It was white, the beginning of the classic Apple white range. It was fast running at 600MHz and worked like a charm.

Many years later, I think I used it for a good 5 years, I passed it on to my brother for his blogging and he used it, but begun to get a bit battered and one day it simply stopped working. I’d replaced the hard drive a year or so before, but now it failed to power. It made it’s way back to my hands and it lay dormant for a good year or more, probably more.

A couple of weeks ago, I was clearing some stuff and came across it again. It still looks fantastic compared to a lot of PCs today and I had the desire to bring it back to life and giving it to my nephew. I found that logic boards were still around for it and for the sake of £20-30 I could give it a go.

After a bit of tinkering with it (not repairing), I tried to power it up, not expecting anything, but to my sheer delight, it fired up! Happily chimed and progressed to load an OS!
This is where we begin the journey…

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