Until now, the original Mac OS X system was still on the iBook’s internal drive and I had been using external drives to image and then use to boot and install on to the iBook. Unfortunately, for ever reason, it wouldn’t work. Sometimes, the external drive would power up for OpenFirmware booting and sometimes it wouldn’t On occasion, I had even seen the drive mount on the boot manager screen, but never got the drive to successfully boot to linux.

I decided to go for it and image directly on to the iBook’s drive by Target Disk Mode. This would remove OS X completely and obviously this is a risk given that I wouldn’t be able to use the DVD to reinstall given the status of the optical drive.

Despite this, I went for it because it seemed to me that options were closing in and every barrier that could cross me, has done so. In order to make this work, I converted the .iso image into a something a little more Mac friendly before imaging, again using Terminal.

hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o

This is would convert the .iso into a read/write .img file that Disk Utility could manage better.

I went through the whole procedure again, using Terminal only and crossed my fingers.

Please leave any thoughts

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