This website is made with WordPress.  WordPress is open source and has a huge library of themes and plugins to add features and operability.  It actually accounts for nearly a third of the searchable web, powering stand alone product sites, to magazines and blogs.  It can be a social network, a commerce or online shop, a forum or a collaborative wiki, without too much trouble to set up.

Recently, the makers of WordPress, Automattic, announced a new means of creating and laying out content called Gutenberg.  Prior to this, WP used a simple almost word processor type tool bar to add text effects and insert images or tables, but now with Gutenberg, it will be a more block based, drag and drop affair.  Lots of blocks can be added

like a quote


Or embedded tweets, instagrams, video or making columns.  It’s a super modern, intuitive way to build pages and posts.  Despite being a beta, it’s working well here and I’m looking forward to using it more.  Ultimately, it should make page layout a lot easier for developers and writers.

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