As some might know, I am a host of several podcasts for Dead End Movie Forum. We’ve just finished recording our latest episode about Stanley Kubrick and will be uploading this on Monday. After that, we’re having August off to do some background work. One of the projects during this time is a new Dead End Podcast website as a new home for the shows. The site will allow users to subscribe, download and socially share the shows. There is a player on each show page so the episode can be played directly there and we thought it would be great idea if we could embed that same player on other pages, particularly our blogs. So here is a player which will hopefully play a Dramacast.

This player is a bit special because it’s HTML5 which means it uses the latest web technology to play the audio stream. It uses less processor power and loads quicker. What’s cool though, is if a browser doesn’t support HTML5, then it’ll automatically degrade to a Flash player.

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