The More Rock’n’Roll Scott

I’m classical, he’s more rock’n’roll than me” said Ridley Scott once about his younger brother, Tony.

I was shocked this morning to discover that Tony Scott has died, likely to be suicide.  I always thought of Tony as being the high octane version of Ridley with his action pictures, but he shares his brother’s art background, and it shows.  I remember watching The Hungerfor the first time and I was stunned at the opulent beauty it had and the sharp editing, that became one of his cornerstones.

I suppose my favourite film of his is True Romancefor the story and cast that were all completely used in the film.  It was one of those films that had a cast half of which you’d expect to be given cameos but, instead, they all had full rounded roles.

Tony Scott is most famous for Top Gun, which is fantastic, but I’d also like to note The Last Boy Scout, which featured a very gritty Bruce Willis and Enemy of the State
which starred a first time serious role for Will Smith and Gene Hackman.  To me, he always seemed to get the best from his cast, playing to their strengths.

I enjoyed the criticised The Fanand Man On Fire
.  He worked with same crew for nearly all his films and recently, made many films with Denzel Washington.

Watch this interview with him for Film Four (found by Oliver Walton)

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