So, I’ve started this blog on this site, I’ve got comments working, via Disqus and I remotely post to it from a mobile or any computer on the net.  All is good.  What’s next?

Well I really want this website to be the place to go to find out about what I’m up to.  It sounds a little egotistic like people actually want to know what I’m up to but really this is for myself.  It’ll be a place to post up everything that I’m involved in so I can file it away and take stock.  I’m involved in quite a few different streams of work.  I podcast, I volunteer, I film etc.  Mmm, it’s all a bit I I I, isn’ it?  Thing is though I really want to avoid the whole ‘expert’ thing.  What I mean by that there are many, many people have a blog and some photos, do Twitter and all of a sudden they are a ‘social media expert.’  I am not a social media expert but I do practice social media.  I’d never call myself an expert though, just trying to harness it for a few specific projects.  This site is merely a collection of projects for my own benefit and for those who’d like have a look and offer some feedback.  It’s also a way of developing my own web development skills.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to it.  What’s prompted me to get on with it was watching a few friends set up their blogs and publishing some really interesting articles or documenting their filmmaking.

Back to the site, I’m planning to upload a bunch of films that I’ve made, some through my role as a voluntary youth worker and some as a filmmaker.  I want to upload some favourite photos to share and some on special effects make-up that I used to do a lot of.  I’ll also link to my podcast at Dead End Movie Forum and my youth worker site, Youth Work Warehouse.

Please leave any thoughts

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