Now I’ve restarted this website and begun blogging again, this website has to be developed. My plan is to use it as a place to upload photos and to post a more personal perspective on the pieces of work I’m involved. Because I want to get it right, you’ll notice that I haven’t even tagged this post as I’m deciding what categories I’m going for. I’ve got a few definitive ideas of what I want the site to be.

For starters, I want a photoblog where I can upload photos of places or things. These are most likely to be iPhone Instagram type images. I want those photos to be ultimately plotted on a map as well as I’m a big fan of geotagging. The photoblog gallery is great but I’ll also be looking into galleries for my PEN photos.

I would like to write about the film festival from a more personal level as well as my film-making projects and, if I ever get it going, my youth work warehouse stuff. Do I make my digitisation project an actual project as well?

There’s going to be a widget saying what coffee I’m currently brewing. Yeah I know, seems a bit pretentious, but hey, this is my space and I like my beans!

There’s going to be quite a bit of media here and my plan there is to embed it from other sites so that it’s less strain on the server. For example, host my video on Vimeo and my gallery on Picasa or Flickr. I’ve been maintaining a Tumblr too which has this content on and I need to decide what I’m doing with that. I probably also need to pick my services too.

Plenty to think about, not to mention what updates what from a social media point of view.

Please leave any thoughts

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