The other weekend, I spent the day with Dave in Wolverhampton. We drank coffee, talked about projects and took some photos before going to the Light House Cinema and watching Nosferatu. It was interesting actually because, the way Dave and I take photos is quite different. Dave has a shotgun approach to photography -actually he uses the camera like one too. Often , I’d see him wrap his camera strap around his wrist and fire off a bunch of low level photos. I’m sure he’d have got some great ones if the lens captured what I could see. I’m a bit more conservative with photos. Perhaps I’m still thinking I’m using film. Well maybe not, I fire off 3 shots at a time for the HDR stuff. I think perhaps I wait for something to catch my eye or interest rather than absorb everything. Luckily, Dave was a great tour guy and knew exactly what to see. He was saying that it’s great to bring a stranger in because they always see something different and he’s thinking about a project around that. The photos I took are now on Flickr and here’s the link

Wolverhampton Set on Flickr

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