Coffee Architects Espresso
Here’s a second bag of beans from Coffee Architects.  This is their espresso blend of beans, sourced mostly in Columbia and Rwanda.  Having spoilt myself on Origin Coffee recently, who tend to have very precise roasting as to bring out as many flavours as they can, these CA beans are slightly more fully roasted.  They taste great, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a richer cup.
I’ve tried preparing several espressos and cappuccinos with an americana (long black) and they’ve all tasted superb.  There’s nothing to dislike here.  I’d set the machine to grind at 7, but Joe, who kindly gave me these, suggested a 6 and he was right, a richer deeper drink.
Coffee Architects Espresso
I haven’t trekked out to Leamington Spa lately, but when I do, I’m definitely calling into CA for beverage and see what other beans they have.
Brewing Guide:
Dosage : 4
Grind : 6

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