At home, I’m a bean grinder. I like to try lots of different coffee beans and when I go away somewhere, I like to look out for something new. By choice, I buy beans and grind them myself to make fine espresso that go on to cappuccinos or maybe some mocha contraption. I do buy the odd pack of ground coffee to use in a French press if it piques my interest.

Now, bean grinding is fine at home, but at work, particularly my workplace, it would be simply too messy and I would dread to imagine what our sink would look like. Instead, we all go off to our favourite cafes and buy in drinks. This has worked well, but it does work out very expensive, so I decided to buy a pod machine. The two main contenders were Nespresso and Tassimo – there are others, but they either had limited range or proved to be expensive.

My criteria was
– low maintenance
– variety of pods
– robust machine

The staff at work indicated, after being surveyed, that they would like the option to make hot chocolate so it resulted in being a Tassimo. I hear that Nespresso does make the superior coffee, but I was looking at the bigger picture for everyone.

After collecting some money, I found a great deal on Amazon for a Bosch T60 machine (titanium finish, obviously) and bought it. I arrived very quickly and many people were swift to purchase Costa Coffee pods to try it out.

That was nearly 2 months ago. I am quietly impressed by the Tassimo machine. I’ve been trying out all the different available pods, including tea. Yesterday, I made an impressive mocha by using a Cadbury pod with an espresso and milk. After plenty of research, I have come to the conclusion that the Costa Coffee Americano are good pods, but even better than these are the Carte Noir selection. They make a whole of variety and they are good quality.

I’m not about to stop buying beans for home, but I have to say, I am really pleased with the Tassimo machine and pods. I just buy a bit of milk every week or so and take some pods in and save about £2 a drink, which is pretty impressive. At the same time though, I don’t feel like I am compromising too much either, so it’s a win-win thing!

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