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It’s been a while since I’ve had anything from Grumpy Mule, not for any reason other than I don’t see it that often and when I do it’s usually already ground.  However, this all changed at the London Coffee Festival where I met a guy who roasted at Grumpy Mule in Yorkshire.  The beans I bought had a clear roasted on date, but usually retail packets don’t have this information.  The guy there was surprised I asked about it, commenting that no-one had before.  He explained that the roasting date is generally one year previous to the use by date, which is a useful guide.  It does indicate that this particular coffee is very much a roast to order and it shows too, the beans seemed lighter in colour to the more harshly roasted beans from the retail packs I remember.  There was more definition in the flavours and certainly more acidity.

This coffee grows in Oromia, one of Ethiopia’s largest regions. The farm & wet mill is located in the Guji zone, the southern part of Oromia that borders on the Sidama and Gedeo zones. The farm started to produce organic coffees in 2001 and works closely together with medium-sized out-growers who are specialized in this highland forest coffee.

Floral and sweetly perfumed. Bright, crisp, lime and lemon (in that order) citric acidity, honeyed sweetness and unusually full bodied for a coffee of this type.

I enjoyed this coffee and worked particularly well as an aeropress preparation.

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