Guatemala Antigua
This is the first of the Three Sixty Degrees coffees and it’s a wonderful light, refreshing coffee.  I’m not one for buying pre-ground coffee, but this could change my mind!  There’s balance between a slight sweetness and citrus fruit, recommended!

Ever notice how people just love to say “Guatemala”? …just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? Guatemala Antigua coffee is a truly beautiful coffee; sugar and syrup sweetness, delicate mouth feel, lemon acidity – an exceptionally balanced cup.


Guatemala has eight distinct coffee growing regions and perhaps unsurprisingly given the broad range of geography, terrain and soils, each one has its own speciality – for example Acatenango Valley. Coffee is produced using the washed process and tends to have a clean, bright taste, medium strength and a very characteristic aftertaste. Harvest dates are November to March and the coffee is grown at altitudes between 1,400 and 1,900 metres.


Take your time to enjoy this coffee, it’s worth it.

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