Suke Quto is a washed coffee from Ethiopia from Origin.

Notes of brilliant orange and honey, vibrant Bergamot tea, juicy red grapes and a slight ginger lift.

This must be one of the freshest coffees I had!  As I write this, it was roasted a mere five days ago.  Coffee is supposed to be left for 4-6 days to allow for the remaining carbon dioxide to escape.  I managed 5 days before tucking in.

As an espresso, the bergamot certainly jumps out, as does the honey. I was quite surprised how small the beans are too, they are almost like peas and have a  characteristic light curve running through the cross section of them.

Espresso Recipe : 1:2 dose to yield, extracted in 28-36 sec.

Sage Brewing Guide:
Dosage : 4 / 5
Grind : 5

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