Waitrose Sumatra Mandelhing

Waitrose Sumatra Mandelhing
This is special coffee, not because it’s from Waitrose, nor because it’s Sumatra but because it was given to me on my birthday whilst on a secret getaway.
Sumatra Mandelhing
In essence, back in November, on my birthday, I was got up at 4:20am and told we needed to leave by 5:15am.  I had no idea where we were headed, but by the time we’d reach the end point of the M5 and on to the A30, there was only one place and that was Cornwall.  We stopped somewhere between Launceston and Bodmin and I was treated to a breakfast from the Valerie Patisserie.  I knew we had tea and I was just thinking how delicious a coffee would be right now and my wife presented me with this and my Bodem!
Reading into it a bit more, it turns out that Waitrose has been reviewing their coffee and this is now a single estate coffee.  Grown in small plots in the Takengon part of the Gayo mountain range in north west Sumatra.  The name Mandheling comes from the name of the area and people who originally harvested it.

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