I’ve been fairly hard in my thoughts about Costa Coffee.  I’ve always been critical of their heritage, given that they’re owned by a pub and it seems that they are everywhere from the high street to the supermarket to the garage.However, in more recent times, I’ve mellowed out a bit.  They are a British company and they do pay British taxes, which is more than can be said for others.  They’re also not known for bully tactics.  Their coffee is often voted best of the chains by the public and to be honest, the mocha italia blend isn’t too bad.  It’s very consistent across all their outlets and it could be a lot worse.

Anyway things changed a lot more, when I saw they had released a limited roast called Old Paradise Street, named after the location of their roastery.  Proudly boasting ‘Made In London’ on the graphics, Old Paradise Street is very nice tasting coffee.  I’ve tried it now as a flat white and a cappuccino and I love it!  It’s got a dark toasty taste and smells chocolatey.

Old Paradise Street Limited Roast No.3 is the first of our limited edition coffees in the range. It’s made predominantly from flavoursome Colombian beans
Old Paradise Street Limited Roast No.3 is a deep roasted coffee with a distinct rich round flavour. It has a dark chocolate aroma with hints of pepper and a distinct bitter sweet aftertaste”

– Gennaro Pelliccia,
Costa Roastery Chief Taster

According to the staff, there will be new limited edition blends every quarter, so it’s great to see Costa do this and they’ve managed to design quite a nostalgic website and graphics to suit.  Nice work!

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