Joe & The Juice


Joe & The Juice
Joe & The Juice opened a few years ago in Solihull, but I’ve only just tried them, perhaps because I saw a couple of them in Norway.
Joe & The Juice originates from Denmark as a new trendy place to get healthy juices from and this explains why I saw a few in Norway.
Solihull is a slightly obscure choice. It has boomy music appealing to all the kids and is staffed by hipsters, but it’s outside a John Lewis and oddly replaced JLs own cafe. Seems like a mismatched target audience, but what do I know?
To the coffee, or Joe. I had a cappuccino and it was ok. It wasn’t a rich tasting drink and despite the artwork, felt a bit washed out. I don’t think flat white was on the menu. It was pleasant enough and competitively priced – a repeater? Maybe.

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