Small Street Espresso, BristolI’m currently travelling to Bristol every weekend and, obviously, I have started to look out for interesting speciality coffee houses. The first one I’ve looked out for is the Small Street Espresso. It’s a small cafe in the old town part of Bristol city centre. Inside is a wood and brick minimal space. Their house blend is from local Clifton Roasters and they have a variety of guest beans. On my visit, they had some from Maude

The cafe had a warm relaxing hum inside with a friendly barista and people enjoying the surroundings, sitting on benches. 

I ordered a flat white and pain au chocolate. The pastry was huge, the type I saw in Canada. It was fresh and had substantial bars of chocolate inside. The flat white was splendid, nice presentation with milk art and a rich well brewed taste. 

Almost immediately, I have found the place I want to spend my down time in Bristol. I really enjoyed the vibe and the coffee and left with two bags of beans, their house blend and some from Maude to try at home. 

Small Street Espresso, Bristol : pain au chocolat pastrySmall Street Espresso, Bristol : flat white coffee

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