It seems there has been a bit of a raft of special ales lately, looking at this blog and here’s another one. A mocha beer from Batemans.

Unlike the Espresso Beer I tried a little while ago, this smells like a mocha as soon as the cap comes off. It’s a dark drink when poured and you certainly get a a strong chocolate aroma. The taste is good too, a strong beer with chocolate and coffee notes.

From the bottle 

This delightfully unusual beer, permeated with coffee and chocolate aromas and flavours, has been brewed with the finest locally grown crystal and roasted barley and English grown Goldings hops. It’s brewed by Batemans, one of England’s few remaining traditional family brewers. A perfect match for desserts, in fact why not try pouring a little over vanilla ice cream. 

Mocha Beer from Batemans Brewery (Wainfleet, Lincolnshire)


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