This is a special beer brewed in Staffordshire for Jamie Oliver and his restaurant chain. It was great to try while recently celebrating my good lady’s birthday in the Bath eatery.

From Jamie’s Italian

Libertà! Come in and try our new craft lager, brewed specially for us by the lovely people at Freedom Brewery in Staffordshire. We worked with them to make sure we produced a beer that’s bursting with flavour and complements our delicious, fresh Italian food. It’s packed full of British Bramling Cross hops and floral acacia honey, so it’s light and refreshing but really aromatic, with a slightly sweet finish. Freedom have also properly matured it for nearly a month – longer than most lagers – to give it that full flavour. We’ve given lager a real shake up!

The beer complements the vintage Italian tone of the restaurant. It is similar to Peroni in flavour but, dare I said it, I preferred Libertà. It certainly went with the meal very well and I’d recommend it. It’s almost a shame you can’t buy it in a shop, but I guess it makes it a bit special that way!

Libertà from Freedom Brewery (Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire)

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